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Miracle: By David Ricks

Drowning into a pool I cant seem to swim out of

Trying to catch myself from falling of the mountain but I keep falling

Trying to find a logical reason why I feel this way

Is it because the girl who crossed my way

My path

My Walk, She made me see, when i thought the world was dark

Who is she, what is she to me

Is she my lover, the one sent to comfort me

Or Am I her knight, sent to rescue her by night

Mixed emotions,Mixed Fellings

I never thought much about all this healing

Broken Hearts,Shattered Crystals

Can I mold you?

Can We Make A Miracle

R.A.P= Realizing A Person

The reason i say thats rap is because through rap music you get to know someone. You can pull from the emotion of the lyrics and paint a clear picture of the person you hear

Kevin Brewer

One of my inspirations, this guy inspired me to really get into Hip-Hop Dancing 

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